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The Mason's Tongue

The Mason's Tongue by Adrian Rice
(Abbey Press, 1999)
A rigorous yet fruitful exploration of the creative constrictions and liberations of the northern Protestant tradition, The Mason's Tongue is imbued with an acute awareness of an imaginative inheritance rarely given expression in contemporary poetry. With a technique firmly rooted in his native idioms, Rice, in this startlingly rich and emotionally complex collection, fashions and recovers lores of place and belonging. Always intriguing, often provocative, the poems in The Mason's Tongue range from the intensely personal to the boldly satirical. Together they confirm Rice's reputation as a distinctive new voice in Irish Poetry.
'Adrian Rice has a nice sense of what he is up to as a poet:  I like and admire the way his district and his diction are so artfully tongue-in-cheek and hand-in-glove.' 
- Seamus Heaney
'Deft, exact, laconic, The Mason's Tongue is a collection to be savoured.'
- Tom Paulin

The Mason's Tongue (from The Mason's Tongue)

The Drowning (from The Mason's Tongue)